Our Services.

NRI Wings offer a range of web and custom application development services to help you build and grow your business.

Custom Software Development

Companies looking for software to solve problems: do they invest in a fully custom software solution or go with an off-the-shelf product? At NRIWings, we have many years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals through custom software solutions based on a deep understanding of their unique processes, challenges and needs. Call us to learn why a custom solution may be a good fit for your brand!

Ecommerce Solutions

If your business sells products or services online, a custom ecommerce application is an essential competitive advantage. NRIWings builds applications that streamline payment, inventory, reporting, and security to keep your business thriving.

From simple online shops to more complex marketplaces, the system that powers customer relationships and sales is critical to an ecommerce business’s success. That’s why we offer all-in-one, custom ecommerce solutions to help you engage with customers at every turn.

Legacy Systems

Businesses must innovate to stay relevant, and NRIWings can help take your older software to the next level. We rebuild legacy systems to be more dynamic, user-friendly, and efficient, based on cutting-edge technologies.

At NRIWings, our world-class engineers are passionate about solving complex problems quickly and effectively. Empowering our customers’ business growth is our number-one priority, and we use bleeding-edge technology to develop world-class software and provide fantastic customer experiences. And what’s more, all of our developers have engineering or computer science degrees from top universities. Credentials like that are rare in this industry.

Third-Party Applications

In addition to building software from scratch, NRIWings can support or take over solutions from third-party vendors. We start by benchmarking the application's quality so you have a clear picture of what it needs and how to get there.

Product Development

From idea to prototype to release, NRIWings can help your company through the entire life cycle of new product development. We've built hundreds of products at unbeatable values, and our expertise for building innovative.

At NRIWings, we help turn your ideas into reality. Our elite team of business analysts, project managers, and engineers will guide you through the entire process of building a software product. We have substantial experience building custom software solutions and deep understanding of how businesses work, making us your perfect development partner